theLOUNGE Gets A Makeover

theLOUNGE Gets A Makeover

Posted: Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

In case you haven’t noticed, theLOUNGE at Beta is currently going through a bit of a renovation. And by “a bit”, we mean a complete re-vamp. Manager Mike McCray and his team have been hard at work upstairs, completely changing the layout of the room as we knew it.

The stage has been moved from the corner to the center of the back wall, with elevated seating on either side. Beyond that, the lighting fixture has been completely removed to make way for an entirely new lighting experience that’s going to blow minds when it’s finished. On the back wall is a completely new metal fixture, designed by Mike himself.

We’ve been watching the progress of theLOUNGE as it grows nearer to completion every day, and we have to say, Mike is handy with the steel (catch him welding on our Snapchat story sometime, @Betanightclub). Thanks to him and his hardworking team, theLOUNGE is coming along very nicely and we can’t wait to finally see the finished product!

It's a great club. It really is. It's a wonderful sound system, a great booth. I'm sure if you speak to any of my colleagues, they'll say as I do, that it's one of the best clubs in America. - Paul Oakenfold

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