The Return of Paul Oakenfold

The Return of Paul Oakenfold

The legendary DJ and producer is back December 9!

Posted: Monday, November 13th, 2017

A man that certainly needs no introductions, but warrants plenty: Paul Oakenfold. The veteran DJ and producer has been behind the decks for over 30 years (yes, you read that right), and has been a true pioneer in the world of electronic music. With a production career spanning nearly every genre, from hip-hop to goa trance and breakbeat to pop, Oakenfold has undoubtedly reached the pinnacle of a career in the music industry.

Paul has accomplished so much in 2017, including a DJ set on Mount Everest, another successful Tomorrowland, and loads more. Fresh off a run of his “Generations” world tour, the Perfecto boss is returning to Beta for another round after an incredibly busy year. We can’t wait to have him back after eight months since his last Beta stop, when he played classic tracks spanning his entire expansive career. Who knows what this legend will have in store for us on Superstar Saturdays December 9?

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It's a great club. It really is. It's a wonderful sound system, a great booth. I'm sure if you speak to any of my colleagues, they'll say as I do, that it's one of the best clubs in America. - Paul Oakenfold

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