Paul van Dyk North American Tour presented by Dreamstate

Paul van Dyk North American Tour presented by Dreamstate

with Adam Stark & Ston3 + ROBO

Thu May 25, 2017

Paul van Dyk’s North American Tour presented by Dreamstate comes to Beta in Denver on May 25th

Trance legend Paul van Dyk has announced a monumental North American tour today, presented by Insomniac’s Dreamstate trance brand.
This tour ushers in the new year for trance lovers everywhere; Paul will be joined by trance talents Adam Stark & Ston3 + ROBO, rounding out a can’t miss event in the dance music world.

In addition to the tour announcement, Paul van Dyk has also released his next single called ‘Touched by Heaven’, an aptly named track, indeed. Featuring enigmatic, large swells and a classic, rolling PvD bassline, ‘Touched by Heaven’ is a beautiful song. The entrancing melody is carefully wrapped around aggressive, almost brash flavors, combining for what will undoubtedly be one of the biggest trance songs of the year.

This will be Paul’s first official major tour since his stage accident last year, a massive achievement for an artist who at one point did not know if he would be able to ever perform again. Fortunately, PvD has recovered enough to continue doing what he loves most playing music to his fans.

Since its 2015 debut in Southern California, Dreamstate has traveled around the world to six major cities across four countries including North America, Mexico, the UK, and
Australia. The brand continues to grow as trance infiltrates mainstream dance music culture, with no signs of slowing down exemplified
by Paul van Dyk’s major US tour.

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