Antiserum + JSTJR

Antiserum + JSTJR

With Mport

Thu August 24, 2017

Double stacked #GravityFriday with Antiserum + JSTJR! Get ready for a sub-heavy night full of forward-thinking bass music and FREE ENTRY with a valid student ID.

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From the producers of Global Dance Festival, Decadence, Skylab, Hallow Freak’n Ween, Global Dance alongside Beta Nightclub present a new era of Thursday nights transcending genres & evoking sonic stimulation. Showcasing innovative, top-tier artists while continually evolving Colorado’s electronic realm. Introducing…Future Thursdays!

It's a great club. It really is. It's a wonderful sound system, a great booth. I'm sure if you speak to any of my colleagues, they'll say as I do, that it's one of the best clubs in America. - Paul Oakenfold

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