Denver Trance Family Showing The Love

Denver Trance Family Showing The Love

Posted: Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Our weekly feature, Future Thursdays, has seen many legendary names in the trance scene come through the Beta booth since its inception in August of last year. Gareth Emery, BT, Arty, Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, and ATB have all made appearances, and the Denver Trance Family has showed out in full force. The vibe has been incredible on these trance-themed editions of Future Thursdays.

As we venture deeper into 2017, it’s full steam ahead for the Denver trance scene. Kicking off our 9-Year Anniversary Weekend, we have Colorado’s first ever Dreamstate event with Paul van Dyk on 5.25. Up next is the Beta debut of Dash Berlin on 6.29. Beyond that, we welcome Arty back on 8.3. Looking deeper into 2017, we have plenty more uplifting melodies and driving rhythms to satisfy your trance fix.

We want to thank the Denver Trance Family for showing so much love, and can’t wait to bask in the feels with you at these upcoming Future Thursdays!

It's a great club. It really is. It's a wonderful sound system, a great booth. I'm sure if you speak to any of my colleagues, they'll say as I do, that it's one of the best clubs in America. - Paul Oakenfold

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