12th Planet Sbass Oddysee Residency

12th Planet Sbass Oddysee Residency

Ready for takeoff on Gravity Fridays February 09!

Posted: Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

Signal Intercepted :: Commander Twelfy and his crew are taking you on a 4-week galactic journey beginning on February 09! Join us on 12th Planet’s Sbass Oddysee, a one-of-a-kind residency at Beta Nightclub consisting of four consecutive, individually-curated editions of Gravity Fridays featuring fellow bass music aficionados spanning all realms of the galaxy.

Week 1 // Friday, February 09
Round Table Showcase feat.
12th Planet + PhaseOne + Oolacile
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Week 2 // Friday, February 16
The Great Sbass Experiment feat.
12th Planet + Bleep Bloop + um..
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Week 3 // Friday, February 23
Sooo Sick Tour feat.
12th Planet + Lumberjvck + SVDDEN DEATH
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Week 4 // Friday, March 02
The Grand Finale feat.
12th Planet + Crizzly
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12th Planet Sbass Oddysee Residency

It's a great club. It really is. It's a wonderful sound system, a great booth. I'm sure if you speak to any of my colleagues, they'll say as I do, that it's one of the best clubs in America. - Paul Oakenfold

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