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The Music Ninja is expanding, and one of our first orders of business is shed light on the incredible music scene in Denver, Colorado. This section of the website, once it's developed, will be headed up by myself, Clayton Warwick. I've been writing for The Music Ninja for over a year now, and being based in Denver, have always done my best to suggest great local music to all of you. Well that music has been so substantial, that we feel our blog should have a presence in this fine city.

First and foremost, we'd like to call attention to the DJ Mag rated number one club in the USA, and fifteenth world wide, Beta Nightclub. Beta is in the heart of downtown Denver, and is the destination for dance and electronica music. Between it's eco-friendly green culture, lush gardens outside, absolutely insane sound system, and the world class artists, it's not very difficult to see why it's ranked where it is.

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