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Last thursday marked the 3rd time StopBreatheBump had the pleasure of seeing Richie Hawtin in the span of one week (Epic Week). We caught both the Plastikman and Richie Hawtin sets at EDC Las Vegas the weekend prior to seeing him grace the decks at Beta and he blew our minds every time. As a result this review will be short and sweet as I have already praised this musical genius about as much as I can here in our Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas Review. Nevertheless here is our take on this fantastic set at Beta. I arrived early around 9:45 to hear Sergio Santana dishing out some lovely techno beats that were getting the packed house on its feet and moving to the beat. After Sergio, Wolfe came on and dialed the tempo back a little with some very minimal and bass heavy house sounds that kept the crowd interested while providing Richie a blank platform that would allow him to take the crowd on his patended techno voyage down the rabbit hole. As Richie entered the booth you could feel the unspoken excitement in the air and the dancefloor packed in eager anticipation. As Richie slowly built up the energy and tempy with his sultry beats and impeccable mixing the crowd responded with the most vigorous dancing I have seen on Beta's dance floor to date. Each track was carefully selected and masterfully impelmented to perfection and the dance party was on until the very end. Like EDC much of his set was as "live" as electronic music can get in this computerized day and age. Relying heavily on his Maschine and other assorted equiptment, he provided a one of a kind un-imitable performance. Richie's ability to push technology while still sticking to a classic blueprint is what has made him a legend and he showed Beta why last Thursday. For years techno was by no means my favorite genre of dance music as many times it would leave me bored and disinterested, but Richie does not suffer this affliction. The subtle samples and layering of his music over a relentless heart thumping bassline is breathtaking and never gives your poor feet a chance to rest. I was danced out and exhausted still recovering from the weekend before but I just couldn't resist stomping it out when he cut things loose. I don't really know what else to say without gushing further about his performances this past week but I will close by saying that anyone who calls themselves a fan of EDM and has yet to see Mr. Hawtin is selling themselves short as they have yet to really see/hear dance music at its best. Richie Hawtin is one of a kind, and hats off to Beta for bringing in this wildly elusive God of the decks.

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