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Thursday morning arrived and I was still reeling from the great night I had last Saturday at EDC Denver. Not even a single thought drifted to the fact that tonight I would finally get to the legendary American duo of Gabriel & Dresden. It finally hit me well into the day and my excitement went through the roof. The night started like so many at BETA with Kostas the resident DJ offering a thorough and well thumping to the dance floor. With a nice cross section of house, tech house and progressive he never fails to turn up the temperature and get people moving on the dance floor. He brings it every time delivering sets that would be headlining at almost any other club in the US. In the short 40min of him that I caught two tracks caught my attention above the rest. First, was a tune I have been hearing everywhere since Funkagenda dropped it at Beta last month "Mark Knight vs. Florence and the Machine - You've got the love", and rightfully so as it is a certifiable banger that will be everywhere this summer season. The second was the amazing "Sander Van Doorn - Reach out", a track that has seen play from top Djs of every variety over the past year.

G & D hit the ground running with a new remix of the classic "mindcircus" and for the remainder of the night did not let their foot off the gas pedal. I will note that their set was very similar to Glow, Washington DC, which I had listened to when I first heard they were coming to Denver. Many of their classics were played with a fresh new face and sound to keep from sounding outdated and stale. It certainly isn't the G & D sound of old, instead they brought together many popular sounds from today's scene and seem to be seeking a little niche of their own. One such track that really exemplified this for me was "Benny Benassi - Cinema (skrillex remix)" as it has a very hard electro and almost dubstep drop and is something that I never would have expected from them. Nevertheless, they brought it back to the trance roots later in the evening dropping the epic Armin Van Buuren tune "Zocalo," which in my opinion drew by far the biggest response from the crowd. Their mixing throughout the night was not impeccable but would assume they are still settling back into a groove and trying to re-figure out what to expect from each other on a nightly basis. Despite this it was a great night and I really enjoyed the new flavors they were serving. I eagerly await some new productions from the legendary duo, as I really feel this is where they both excel and think it will signal the direction they are taking their sound in the future.

When G & D finally came to the booth there was a surreal moment where I couldn't quite grasp the significance of what was before me. Two of the most influential producers/DJs of all time where finally back together and here at BETA to give us a taste of what we had been missing. The reason why their music has always been held in such high regard throughout the edm community is it doesn't matter if you are just a house fan or techno fan or whatever, their music has a little bit of everything for your soul. This sort of universal sound changed the face of dance music and gave many of today’s top artists the influence that has made them who they are today.


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