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Paul Oakenfold
w/ Dragon & Marshall Monica

A true legend. Paul Oakenfold’s residency at UK superclub Cream in Liverpool brought him to the forefront of the music scene, which was celebrated through the Grammy nominated 2004 compilation Creamfields. In addition, his groundbreaking Perfecto label founded in the late 80s played a vital role in the birth of trance music. Recently, Oakenfold has been involved in creating film scores and cues for a number of Hollywood blockbusters- including The Bourne Identity, Matrix Reloaded, and Collateral. Oakenfold is no doubt one of the most respected names on the scene.

Dragon Named Westword Magazine's top DJ in Colorado, DJ Dragon has been a fixture in the dance scene for many years now. His flavor of electronic music has made him of the of Midwest's top performers as he never fails to get a crowd on its feet with his pounding, wicked beats.

Marshall Monica
A New Orleans native, is known for a funky dance floor filling sound he calls "Gumbo Techno" which can best be described as a masterful blend of tone, frequency and harmonics... arranged to perfection.

In the Lounge :: Awesome Factory

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