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w/ Cognition + T-Rav & Marshall Monica

A far-reaching and highly respected DJ on his homegrown German circuit, it could also be argued that you only get out what you put in - with this case, Moguai has fully reaped the rewards of a hard working ethos and highly honed production sound, firmly establishing himself as a One to Watch for 2012 and a rapidly growing worldwide fan-base.

Cognition + T-Rav
Since bringing their sound to the Denver electronic scene, they have been a successful and significant force in the industry. Cognition & T-rav evoke energy from the crowd, taking them through a musical journey with their fast, uncompromising sound. Determined, confident, capable. Add to thatóconsistent. They have built a reputation as being able to deliver every time they play. Cognition & T-rav perform with proficiency and can impress at any venue, regardless of its magnitude.

Marshall Monica
Marshall Monica, a New Orleans native, is known for a funky dance floor filling sound he calls "Gumbo Techno" which can best be described as a masterful blend of tone, frequency and harmonics... arranged to perfection.

In the Lounge :: AAMPlified Saturdays

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