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Chris Karns. Evol Intent.
w/ Caustik

Chris Karns represents the city of Denver well, gathering an abundance of titles and accomplishments under his belt. Dubbed 2011 DMC USA & World Champion, Karns continued his journey with a finalist spot on VH1's "Master of the Mix" this last year. He is three times winner of Red Bull Thre3style. He's worked some of the industry's best known artists like Bassnectar, Travis Barker, and Yelawolf. His unique, throwback style of vinyl turntables have been is defining character and landed him with countless shows in not just across America, but internationally like London and Tokyo. He scratches together sounds from many styles and turns them into eclectic, energetic sets.

Evol Intent is one of the leading groups in the growing American drum and bass culture, combining diverse sounds to create a unique twist on the normal drum and bass. Their members have side projects that are known by most fans, like Bro Safari, Treasure Fingers, and Computer Club.

In The Lounge: P.U.N.C.H.I.S.

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